Home Fire Safety – Consumer Bulletin Released

After much anticipation, the Home Fire Safety – Consumer Bulletin, written by fire protection industry executive, Ryan J. Smith, is now released and ready for download at Residential Fire Sprinklers .com.

This report takes a unique approach to educating the public on the importance of home fire safety and the key reasons supporting his claim that “home fire protection is where the greatest need for change exists.”

– Did you know that the most effective and reliable fire protection system was invented over 100 years ago, yet most homes remain unprotected?

– Did you know that fire protection in commercial buildings is decades ahead of fire protection methods used in homes?

– Did you know that current home building codes treat the most effective and reliable fire protection method as a luxury, instead of a standard?

Through a direct and conversational tone, this consumer bulletin is easy to read, yet incredibly powerful in guiding you through the facts, controversy and current developments in home fire protection.

Without a doubt, this is a must read for all homeowners and people involved in the fire prevention industry. Your views on home fire safety may never be the same.

To download your free copy of the Home Fire Safety – Consumer Bulletin visit:


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