Fire Smarts Provides Training for Fire Life Safety Symposium in Dallas Texas

Fire Smarts Provides Training for Fire Life Safety Symposium in Dallas Texas

Fire Smarts provides fire sprinkler training at the Fire Life Safety Symposium in Dallas Texas sponsored by Firetrol Protection Systems.

The year the Fire Life Safety Symposium sponsored by Firetrol Protection Systems hosted over one-hundred participants from the Texas area. The audience was a diverse group of fire officials, building officials and building owners from the region. Fire Smarts was hired to provide the fire sprinkler training sessions at the event.

The training, instructed by nationally recognized NFPA expert Bob Caputo, CFPS, focused on the NFPA 25 standard requirements for testing and inspection of fire sprinkler systems with a specific focus on the roles and responsibilities requirements as well as the latest updates to the standard that impact the enforcement of testing and inspection practices. Fire Smarts, LLC was selected for its expertise in the NFPA standards and experience delivering training solutions through it’s globally recognized expert instructors.

“With this training symposium, Firetrol Protection Systems delivers a professional training event to benefit all stakeholders in the fire protection community,” said Ryan J. Smith, President of Fire Smarts, LLC. “We are proud to utilize our nationally recognized top-rated instructors to deliver the training at this event and help enforcement officials and building owners work more closely together for good fire protection.”

About Fire Smarts, LLC: Fire Smarts, LLC is a nationally recognized provider of fire protection education and training services. With specialized expertise in the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards the company’s team of internationally recognized instructors create and deliver custom fire suppression and fire alarm training solutions for building and fire officials, contractors and business organizations internationally. Fire Smarts is a Preferred Provider Partner with the International Code Council (ICC) to deliver approved training programs for CEU’s toward ICC Certifications.

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