As part of our fire protection training services Fire Smarts produces a variety of training webinars. The following is a catalog of some of the recorded webinars that have been presented. Some webinars recordings are available to view online by clicking on the webinar title.

Introduction to NFPA 13D Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems for One and Two Family Homes

Presentation educating participants on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code development process and the requirements for designing and installing fire sprinklers in single and two family homes. Participants will learn how this standard is organized and will be introduced to the requirements for materials and components, design criterion, and installation practices for residential fire sprinkler systems. Instructor: Russ Leavitt, SET, CFPS

Types of Piping and Sprinklers in Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

This webinar will introduce you to the types of sprinkler and the types of piping available for fire sprinkler systems. Participants will be educated on the differences between commercial and residential material requirements as found in the NFPA 13/R/D standards, the acceptable residential material choices available, their preferred application, and the cost impact considerations when selecting the most appropriate sprinklers and piping type for a particular residential sprinkler system. Instructor: Stephen Leyton

Marketing for Fire Sprinkler Contractors

Building a successful business involves the execution of a thoughtful and deliberate business plan. Among the many components of this plan, marketing a product or service should be considered a critical business activity. You may be the best contractor in your area with the best group of employee’s ever assembled, but if you do not have a specific marketing plan for selling your services, the best you can hope for is average work with average profits. This webinar is specifically designed to introduce marketing principals and practical tools for contractors. The presentation will go beyond the typical marketing methods of signage and discuss specific strategies to effectively communicate the value of your products and services to your potential customers. In today’s economy there has never been a more critical time for contractors to develop and follow an effective marketing plan. Instructor: Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS

IBC and Fire Sprinklers: Blessing or Burden?

The International Building Code is laden with options and alternatives based largely on occupancy and construction type. There is nothing that impacts these choices more than fire sprinklers. This webinar is designed to introduce you to many of the advantages fire sprinklers offer in the ICC codes, thereby helping you create an improved strategy for working in the Design/Build market. The presentation will introduce you to the building codes and installation standards that influence the design and installation of fire sprinklers by exposing those sections of the IBC that fire sprinklers influence. Features such as area and height limitations, passive separations, egress and exiting , construction types and more are all included. Anyone who designs, installs or inspects fire sprinkler systems will not want to miss this very informative and interactive presentation. Instructor: Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS

Fire Sprinkler Design: Addressing Special Situations

Beamed ceilings, floating clouds, layered planes, atriums sixty feet in height, concealed spaces, are all examples of special situations that most engineers and designers face at some point in their career. This webinar is all about the Special Situations section of NFPA 13 Chapter 8. Few chapters in the standard have been revised and updated as much as this one. Join in this interactive webinar that will include working through and solving several real-life examples. Anyone who designs, installs or inspects fire sprinkler systems will not want to miss this very informative and interactive presentation. Instructor: Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS

Residential Fire Sprinkler Design – Considerations for Sprinkler Location, Coverage and Spacing

Residential fire sprinkler system design is not as complicated as that for commercial systems. However, there are several important items to consider to ensure that the systems provide the desired protection. No design consideration has any greater impact on the success of a residential sprinkler system than the proper spacing, coverage, and location of the sprinklers. A common design mistake involves the improper layout of the sprinklers. This webinar discusses the steps involved in sprinkler layout as well as reviews common ceiling configurations that cause the most trouble when applying prescriptive rules. It examines several scenarios and demonstrates how to develop solutions. Anyone who designs, installs or inspects residential sprinkler systems will not want to miss this very informative and interactive presentation. Instructor: Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS

Residential Fire Sprinklers: Starting Your Business Plan

Whether you are an existing contractor or wanting to start a new venture into the residential fire sprinkler market there is no doubt it is going to take a different business plan than the one you have now. Training and marketing are just a few of the issues you will have to address, not to mention the legal, risk and financial hurdles that will challenge your decision making confidence. In this webinar we will discuss the basics of setting up a business plan and then take a look at some of the key elements necessary for a solid foundation on which to build a successful business. Instructor: Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS

Grow Your Business With Residential Fire Sprinklers

Presentation educating participants on the rapidly changing residential fire sprinkler market and why the plumbing contractor is best positioned to perform these services. An overview of the significant barriers to entry to aid the contractor in understanding the opportunity is worthy of the investment required to enter the market. Instructor: Russ Leavitt, SET, CFPS