Fire Protection Expert Bob G. Caputo Joins Fire Smarts Faculty Team To Provide Training Based on NFPA Standards

Nationally recognized fire protection expert, Bob G. Caputo, CFPS, joins the Fire Smarts Faculty Team to develop and deliver fire protection training utilizing his extensive knowledge of the NFPA standards and over 25 years of practical application in the industry.

Bob G. Caputo, CFPS

Fire Smarts, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Bob G. Caputo, CFPS, to the Fire Smarts Faculty. With over 25 years of fire protection experience, Mr. Caputo is a nationally recognized expert in the industry. His extensive experience with the NFPA standards and their practical application has been demonstrated through his years of instructing seminars for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA).

Mr. Caputo has operated in all areas of the fire sprinkler industry. As a former fire fighter, he was trained in fire suppression at the U.S. Naval Fire Fighting Training Center in San Diego, CA. Throughout his career he has been a fitter, a designer and a fire sprinkler contractor owner where he still holds fire sprinkler contractor licenses in multiple states. In addition to this full range of practical experience, Mr. Caputo, has a deep understanding of fire protection requirements as demonstrated by his membership on the Technical Committee for NFPA 13 “Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems” and NFPA 25 “Inspection, Testing & Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems”.

“Bob has earned a strong reputation in the industry as a leading expert with a gift and passion for teaching,” said Ryan J. Smith, President of Fire Smarts, LLC. “His participation further enhances the knowledge and experience of our Faculty as we develop training solutions to meet the growing global demand for NFPA based training.”

The Fire Smarts Faculty is actively involved in the promotion of fire protection education and training based on NFPA standards. Domestically a primary focus has been on the emerging residential fire sprinkler market. In 2008 Fire Smarts, LLC published the “Residential Fire Sprinklers Market Growth and Labor Demand Analysis” to quantify the impact of residential fire sprinkler requirements in the International Residential Code (IRC). Through an alliance with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association (PHCC) the company has been leading the efforts to educate and train the plumbing community on residential fire sprinkler systems.

Internationally, Fire Smarts, LLC is well positioned to benefit from the increasing use of the NFPA standards. With Fire Smarts Faculty as recognized experts in the NFPA standards, the company offers a unique training solution for organizations abroad in need of this knowledge. In addition to Mr. Caputo’s experience teaching seminars in the United States, he also has international training experience including instruction in the Middle East and South Korea.

“I’m very excited about the new residential sprinkler requirements adopted by the IRC as we finally address the loss of life from fire in residential dwellings,” said Bob G. Caputo, CFPS. “As our industry moves ahead in this developing market segment, I am honored to be on the forefront of the training efforts to ensure the job is done right and equally pleased to be associated with this passionate group of fire protection industry educators at Fire Smarts.”

The contribution of Mr. Caputo to the fire protection industry was recognized in 1997 when he was named the FPC Magazine “Man of the Year”. Now, more than a decade later, he remains just as committed to the benefit of the industry as he continues to demonstrate his passion and commitment to quality training. For more information about Mr. Caputo visit his website at Bob G. Caputo ( ).

About Fire Smarts, LLC: Fire Smarts, LLC is a leading provider of fire protection educational and training resources. The company operates the home fire protection resource website, Residential Fire Sprinklers .com ( ), frequently publishes articles and reports on the latest industry developments and utilizes its team of Fire Smarts Faculty members to create custom training solutions for contractors, fire and building officials, and business organizations based on NFPA standards.

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